6 Best Tools for Watching Movies Together Online

Everyone has those with whom they want to spend more time together: just chatting, following a football game and online sports betting, or watching their favorite movie. Here are the best programs that help you watch a movie together with a loved one or a large group of friends, even if you are far away from each other.

How Co-Watching Services Work

There are a lot of co-watching services, and each has its own peculiarities. But the general principle is the same: one of the meeting participants logs into the service, creates a virtual viewing room in it, and shares a link to it with friends. And when everyone is gathered, he turns on the video, which is played synchronously, without delays, by all participants of the meeting. Then the difference is in the details: where you can get content for viewing, how exactly the participants can discuss the movie (video, audio, or text chat only), whether you need to download a program for joint viewing, or whether it works in your browser.


This program allows you to watch videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other networks together. Moreover, you can listen to music on SoundCloud.

To start watching together, create a room. After that, just send an invitation to the right person. Next, select the video source or paste the link into the search box. One of the main advantages is that you can enable video chat and discuss the movie while watching it.


This tool works as an extension for the Chrome and Edge browsers. It allows you to synchronize viewing and chat. Available to watch content from services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Max.

Organizing a viewing is easy enough: open the video player on the streaming service whose content you plan to watch, click “Start a party,” and share the link. Important point: all participants install the extension on their computer and register.


With this service you can not only watch videos from such popular services as YouTube, Vimeo, Viki, Reddit, Prime, Netflix, Disney but also open videos from Google Drive or Dropbox. To watch together, install the app on your gadget and register; this is a condition for all participants of the viewing.

To start co-browsing, create a viewing room, select the service you plan to watch videos from and send a notification to your friends. Text and voice chat are available for communication during viewing.

A distinctive feature of the program is the ability to organize online parties with musical accompaniment besides watching videos together. You can create a list of tracks yourself or let a DJ with artificial intelligence do it.


The program doesn’t require installing extensions or apps, just log in to the site. To start broadcasting, register by specifying your login, password, and email. You can show videos from various sites, streaming services, and your own video files. To connect to other people’s rooms, you don’t need to register, just click on the broadcast you are interested in. Text chat is available for participants to discuss videos.


TwoSeven allows you to watch videos from YouTube and Vimeo for free. To watch movies from streaming services together, each participant needs a subscription to the corresponding service. Moreover, you can show personal files as well as clips from any site. Text, audio, and video chats are available during joint viewing.


This program works like a browser broadcast. When you invite your friends to the created viewing room, you show them your screen. Thanks to this method, you can watch videos from various sites and cloud storage. To watch from streaming services, you only need to have an account with one viewer.

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