Brief Comparison – Colocation vs. Dedicated Server Hosting In USA

Every business has different requirements while hosting its website online. 98% of clients choose reliability and affordability with pre-eminent private server from our range of cheap dedicated hosting options hosted in the U.S.A. Hosting providers offer these two types of services dedicated server and colocation hosting. These two are different types of hosting where colocation owns the hardware server.

Dedicated server hosting rents the server from doing your business. The top dedicated server is provided by DedicatedCore and DomainRacer with maintenance support.

The client has to perform all the management and maintenance of the server that is provided by colocation. Whereas with a dedicated server, you get full services from a hosting provider like installation, management, and maintenance. You can manage your server or hand it to a hosting provider based on your business needs.

Colocation Server Hosting:

Hosting services that colocation provided by the companies are lease server rack space, power, and bandwidth. Looking for a trusted wordpress VPS hosting, Check out the top recommendations for reliable and high-performance hosting solutions that ensure your website runs smoothly and efficiently. The data center offers services that allow you to move your server, network, and storage devices that depend on the package or in their service offer.

Depending on the hosting provider the employees of collocated devices can assist with the management or it is mandatory.

Security is a particular procedure to account for contacts who can enter the infrastructure for regular management tasks.

Advantage of Colocation server:

Choose Your Hardware:

The very first advantage of colocation service is that you get to choose your hardware based on your website or application needs.

Businesses need colocation server hardware for their new application and also specifically for their infrastructure.

Based on your application needs you can control the components of the server. That makes sure your server performance is as you are required to cover your intended needs of the project.

Own Your Hardware:

The second advantage of a colocation server is that you will be the owner of the infrastructure. You can save more money by choosing colocation because you can lease to own or buy outright. This will steer clear of the continuous expense of renting while still not owning your hardware.

Control Your Cost:

While taking a server on the lease you need to pay for maintenance and upkeep of the services of the server which will allow you to control your cost of the colocation server. The colocation eliminates the cost by putting the responsibility of the server maintenance on you.

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Disadvantages of Colocation Server Hosting:

Manage Your Hardware:

The first disadvantage of the colocation service is that you have to manage your hardware server. At the time of the server failure, you or your team members need to go to the location to fix it.

The cost of the repair may not be much but you need unexpected travel and also it will take time to retrieve the data.

You need to have certain components ready and available for any malfunctions of the hardware in case of a brief life cycle.

Manage Your Software:

Having a separate colocation server also implies that you are responsible for managing the software that you need to run.

This can be done remotely which is very important for patches and upgrades to complete promptly so that it can avoid any critical issues.

Updating an operating system may require corresponding updates to run code on it. If you do not have a development team within your company it will lead to extra expenses.

Dedicated Server Hosting USA:

The installation, management, connectivity, bandwidth, and disk space in the data center form a hosting are rented to the client by the dedicated server hosting. You can install your software on the rented dedicated server.

The best dedicated server is provided by DomainRacer and DedicatedCore because they offer unlimited resources like storage and unmetered bandwidth.

The hardware is owned by a dedicated server provider so they will handle all the maintenance of the server. A dedicated server guarantees the uptime of the service level as per the service level agreement described. That contains all the hosting provider’s contractual agreements.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting USA:

You can get more advantages to dedicated server hosting while comparing colocation v/s dedicated server hosting.

Hardware Support:

One of the best dedicated server hosting advantages is that you can have full support from the server provider for managing hardware.

That means you don’t have to take a trip to the data center for maintenance of the hardware. You don’t even have to worry about hardware component failure.

Server Software Support:

Dedicated servers provide support or server software that will help you or your team and save time. The low cost dedicated server with software support is offered by DedicatedCore and DomainRacer because they assist you with the operating system and key components of the web server stack.

By choosing this hosting provider you can have core software support which will save the cost and time compared to handling it by the company.

24/7/365 Support:

The data center of DomainRacerprovides full support and operation which means there is staff accessible 24 hours a day for managing your dedicated server. With the low cost dedicated server you can get round-the-clock support all year long.

That will make you rest assured and you won’t need to stress about staying up late to patch and update the server for daytime operation.

You can save time and money compared to colocation because you have support 24/7 from the cheap dedicated server that is offered by DedicatedCore.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Server Hosting:

Higher Long-Term Cost:

Dedicated server hosting has the disadvantage that it has higher long-term costs. While there is the benefit of hosting with a provider, support is more appealing so that you can think about long-term cost.

Limited customization choices:

With the cheap dedicated server, you can customize your server that is provided by DomainRacer or DedicatedCore. They offer full root access to the server so that you can customize the server to your business requirements.

However, not all the hosting providers don’t provide these features. If you need the setup for your project your provider does not offer so you need to compromise.


While comparison between colocation v/s dedicated server hosting you need to consider your requirement and service need for your website or application.

You can go with a colocation server if you can afford the hardware and your team can handle hardware failure or any software issues. If not, you need to travel to the data center to fix your infrastructure.

Top Dedicated Server and VPS hosting is offered by DedicatedCore and DomainRacer. You can configure your server as per your website needs at a competitive price.

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