How To Choose Sensationnel Lace Wig The Perfect Style For Your Face Shape

Are you tired of the same old hairstyle and want to change things? Sensationnel Lace Wigs might just be what you’re looking for! These wigs are known for their natural-looking hairlines and versatility, allowing you to change your style without compromising quality. But with so many styles, how do you know which is right for your face shape? In this blog post, we’ll guide you through choosing the perfect sensationnel lace wig based on your unique face shape. 

What are Sensationnel Lace Wigs?

Sensationnel Lace Wigs are made from premium synthetic fibres or human hair. They are designed to give you a natural-looking hairline, blending seamlessly with your skin tone. Unlike traditional wigs, these lace wigs use a delicate lace material that mimics the look of the scalp and allows for free-flowing movement. You can wear them in any style, whether curly or wavy. 

How to Choose the Perfect Style for Your Face Shape

Choosing the perfect style for your face shape is crucial when wearing a Sensationnel lace wig. Here are detailed tips for selecting the style to enhance your natural beauty.

Determine what type of face shape you have round, oval, heart-shaped or square. Once you know this information, choosing a hairstyle that flatters your features will become much more manageable.

If you have a round face shape, opt for wigs with long layers and volume at the crown area. These styles will elongate your face and create an illusion of depth.

For those with an oval-shaped face, consider yourself lucky because most hairstyles suit this shape! Experiment with different lengths and textures to showcase your unique personality.

Heart-shaped faces look best with shorter haircuts that add width around the jawline and cheekbones. Avoid too voluminous wigs on top, as they tend to make the forehead appear broader than it is.

Square faces require softening elements such as curls and waves which help balance out strong jawlines. Pixie cuts also work well for square-shaped faces by creating angles in all the right places!

Diamond-shaped faces should focus on enhancing their cheekbones while adding fullness on both sides of their heads.

Where to Buy Sensationnel Lace Wigs

Finding the perfect place to purchase your Sensationnel Lace Wigs can take some research, especially if you are new to the world of wigs. The good news is that there are many options available online. One of the most popular places to buy Sensationnel Lace Wigs is through the Samsbeauty website. This guarantees that you will receive an authentic product straight from the source. They offer various styles and colours and helpful customer service representatives who can assist with any questions or concerns. Here is Sensationnel Lace Wigs Samsbeauty can provide you:

Sensationnel Half Wig N Pony Wrap Instant Up N Down UD 18

  • This wig has 100% Premium Fiber and 1pk/, 4Styles. It comes with 1 Half Wig / 1 Pony Wrap.
  • It will provide you with 4 possible styles in 1 pack
  • The wig is quick and simple to apply. Moreover, it is easy to style unit for all year long, regardless of the weather
  • It is heat safe Up to 350-400℉. It means it will not be damaged by excessive heat to a limit.

Sensationnel HD Lace Front Wig Cloud 9 What Lace Swiss Lace 13X6 Keena

  • It has 13″x6″, Ear-to-Ear With 6″ Deep Hand-Tied
  • It will provide you with Pre-Plucked features.
  • It will provide you with Natural Density
  • It has Undetectable Flawless Hairline
  • It has a Protective style and no Leave-Out Necessary
  • It has a perfect hairline with baby hair along the hairline


Choosing the perfect Sensationnel lace wig for your face shape is easy with a little knowledge and guidance. Remember, there’s no need to limit yourself. Try different styles until you find one that suits your face shape and complements other aspects.

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