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Promise Rings for Men: Embracing Nature’s Beauty

When it comes to expressing love and commitment, promise rings have long been a symbol of devotion and dedication. Traditionally associated with women, these tokens of affection have undergone a modern transformation, now catering to the discerning taste of men. Enter the world of promise rings for men, where craftsmanship meets nature most exquisitely.

The Double Lavender Promise Ring

This ring has a gorgeous nature-inspired flower inlay and a deep Light Koa grain, perfectly complemented by a line of ethically produced lavender. Because of its beauty and durability, koa, which means warrior in Hawaiian, has been utilized for centuries to make canoes and weapons. MyRoots jewellers would like to present to you this magnificent vintage wood.

However, the real lavender lining on both sides of the Double Lavender Promise Ring makes it unique. The flowery pattern in delicate purple and green takes centre stage, giving this ring a distinctive look. Each lining is slightly different every time because of the flower’s inherent variances, making your ring as unique as your love.

Nature friendly

This ring is more than simply a piece of jewellery; it’s a symbol of your dedication and the beauty of nature. The Double Lavender Promise Ring is unique and is a thoughtful present for yourself or a loved one. It’s the perfect engagement ring with a natural twist.

Their profound concern for the environment lies at the heart of their craftsmanship. Acquire all of their materials from responsibly maintained forests, guaranteeing that they have no ecological impact. In addition to honouring love, you are helping to preserve our world for future generations when you select MyRoots wood rings.


A waterproof matte treatment brings out the rich, dark tone of Koa wood, enhancing its already remarkable durability. Although we advise you to handle your ring carefully, you can be confident it will withstand whatever challenges the day presents.

Koa & Crushed Turquoise: Another Natural Marvel

This Koa & Crushed Turquoise Promise Ring is an additional work of art, lined with turquoise sourced sustainably. It blends the beautiful mosaic-like stone with the rich Light Koa grain, just like the Double Lavender. The historical significance of koa wood as “warrior” wood is evident, lending a traditional touch to contemporary romance.

Deep blue and green tones

The main feature is the genuine turquoise lining and deep blue and green tones. Like all natural stones, your ring is a unique work of art because each has unique variations. This ring is a stunning example of the colours and textures found in nature, making it ideal for a private gift or a grand engagement.

The jewellers at are dedicated to creating rings that showcase the exquisite inherent hues of every material we utilize. You promise your love and commitment to the environment with their Double Lavender and Koa & Crushed Turquoise Promise Rings.


The rings that MyRoots jewellers claim will be distinctive, environmentally sustainable, and unquestionably attractive in a world full of mass-produced goods. With unrivalled craftsmanship and responsibly sourced materials, you can wear your dedication with pride and know you’re improving the environment. Therefore, you’re choosing more than simply a ring when you go with the delicate appeal of the Double Lavender or the vivid allure of the Koa & Crushed Turquoise; you’re choosing a representation of love, the natural world, and a brighter future. Accept the allure of promise rings for men and declare your love with sophistication.

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