UK Student Housing Market: Industry Overview & Analysis

The United Kingdom has been a favorite destination for studies of students from across the globe for more than a century. Today also, numerous students from different countries come to the UK to get higher education. Therefore, the UK has good arrangements for housing for students. It has given birth to a big student housing market.

Understanding this market can help you find the best accommodation in the UK. So, here, we will present the industry overview and analysis of the UK student housing market.

Student Accommodation Options in the UK

Four major types of accommodation options are available for students in the UK: on-campus accommodations, PBSA (Purpose-Built Student Accommodation), private rental apartments, and homestays. On-campus accommodations are offered to students by universities, and students stay on their campus or the accommodations may be attached to the campus.

PBSA (Purpose-Built Student Accommodation) is a type of accommodation designed by private developers according to the requirements and preferences of students. There are numerous PBSA properties in the UK where student accommodation can be booked. In these properties, several basic and high-end amenities are provided to students such as study desks and chairs, study rooms, Wi-Fi, wardrobes, gyms, cinemas, games rooms, parking spaces, and more.

Private rental apartments are independent apartments, where rooms or apartments can be rented by students. In these apartments, students find general amenities and full freedom. Besides, students can also choose to stay in homestays which are the arrangements to stay with UK families in their homes.

Accommodation Variants for Students in the UK

There are five major types of accommodation variants available for students in the UK.

Shared Rooms:

These are the rooms shared by two or more residents and all units including kitchens, bathrooms, and lounges are shared by all residents.

Ensuite Rooms:

Ensuite rooms are the private rooms for students occupied by one resident. An ensuite bathroom is provided to students living in such rooms. But, the kitchens and lounges are shared by all the residents of the unit where they are located.

Non-Ensuite Rooms:

Non-ensuite rooms are similar to the ensuite rooms with the only difference that in these rooms, you have to use a shared bathroom.


Studios are self-contained large spaces with living areas, kitchen areas, study spaces, and more in a single large space. Studios come available with attached bathrooms. Some studios are designed for one resident only whereas others are occupied by two residents.


Apartments come available with one or more bedrooms and one bedroom is booked by one or two residents. You can find either ensuite or shared bathrooms in bedrooms or apartments. Kitchens, lounges, and other areas are shared by all residents of an apartment.

Booking of Accommodations

Today, accommodations can be booked with the help of some online platforms. A popular online platform whose name we can take in this regard is On these platforms, you can find lists of accommodations in different cities in the UK and other countries.

You can read the details of accommodations by clicking the names or images of different student housing properties, private rental apartments, or homestays. Some platforms have an option to compare multiple properties or apartments on a single page. Besides, you can also filter the list according to price ranges, amenities, shared/unshared rooms, shared/unshared bathrooms, special offers, and more.

Using such platforms, you can easily find affordable student housing London as well as other cities in the UK.


Diversity of Options:

In the UK, there are diverse options of housing for students to choose from. On-campus accommodations, PBSA (Purpose-Built Student Accommodation), private rental apartments, and homestays are the housing options among which you can choose.

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Accommodation Variants:

Different accommodation variants are available in the UK for international students. Shared rooms, ensuite rooms, non-ensuite rooms, studios, and apartments, are the major accommodation types available. Different levels of privacy and social interactions can be found in these different types of accommodations.

Convenient Booking:

Online platforms have made it easier for students to find and secure housing, providing detailed information and comparison tools to make informed choices.


The UK student housing market is vast and there is much more to explore here apart from the abovementioned information.

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