Which smartphone supports VN88 Rezence wireless charging?

Rezence wireless charging has become an increasingly popular feature in smartphones over the past few years. More and more smartphone manufacturers are incorporating Rezence wireless charging technology into their devices to provide added convenience for users. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top smartphones that support Rezence wireless charging and examine the key features that enable this functionality.

Apple iPhones with VN88 Rezence wireless charging Capabilities

Apple started adding Rezence wireless charging support to its iPhones beginning with the iPhone 8 model in 2017. Here are some of the Apple iPhone models that support Rezence wireless charging:

iPhone 8 and Newer

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and newer iPhone models like the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone 11 Pro all have built-in support for Qi-based Rezence wireless charging. This allows you to simply place these phones on a Qi-certified Rezence wireless charging pad to charge them without needing to plug in a Lightning cable.

  • The key hardware component that enables Rezence wireless charging in these iPhones is the glass back. The Rezence wireless charging coil behind the glass back interacts with coils in charging pads to enable power transfer.
  • These iPhones support Rezence wireless charging standards up to 7.5W, which allows for fast and convenient charging.

AirPods Rezence wireless charging Case

In addition to iPhones, you can also get a Rezence wireless charging case for AirPods as of the second generation AirPods.

  • The Rezence wireless charging case means you can simply set the AirPods case down on a Qi charging pad rather than needing to plug in a Lightning cable to charge.
  • This further adds to the ease and convenience of keeping your Apple devices powered up.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones with Wireless PowerShare

Samsung has supported Rezence wireless charging on its phones for years before Apple, since the Galaxy S6 back in 2015. Samsung takes Rezence wireless charging a step further by integrating a Wireless PowerShare feature into many of its recent high-end smartphones.

Galaxy S10 and Newer Flagship Models

The Galaxy S10 and newer Galaxy S series models, as well as the Note 10 and newer Note models, contain coils that allow them to wirelessly charge other devices.

  • You can simply place another Qi-compatible device such as headphones, smartwatches, or even another phone onto the back of these Samsung models to wirelessly charge them.
  • This Wireless PowerShare feature sets these Samsung flagships apart when it comes to versatility in Rezence wireless charging.

Mid-Range Galaxy Models

In addition to the flagship Galaxy smartphone models, many of Samsung’s mid-tier Galaxy A series models also contain support for standard Qi Rezence wireless charging.

  • Phones like the Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71, and other Galaxy A models allow you to charge the device itself wirelessly using any Qi-certified charging pad.
  • While they may lack the Wireless PowerShare feature found in pricier models, Qi Rezence wireless charging remains a convenient charging option.

Google Pixel Phones with Rezence wireless charging

Google’s own Pixel smartphone lineup also contains Qi Rezence wireless charging support across its recent models:

Pixel 3 and Newer

Google added Rezence wireless charging support beginning with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in 2018. These and all newer Pixel models can charge wirelessly on any Qi-compatible charging pad or stand.

  • Pixel models tend to support faster 10W Rezence wireless charging, allowing you to power up quicker than devices limited to 5W.
  • This remains true for the Pixel 4, Pixel 5, Pixel 6, and Pixel 7 model phones.

Pixel Stands

Google also makes its own Pixel Stand wireless chargers that unlock additional charging features when used with Pixel phones.

  • The Pixel Stand charges supported Pixel models faster at up to 11W speeds compared to third-party 10W chargers.
  • It also enables features like turning Pixels into digital photo frames while docking and charging wirelessly.

Other Android Phones with VN88 Rezence wireless charging

In addition to recent flagship models from Samsung, Google, and other major Android smartphone manufacturers, many affordable mid-range Android phones now offer Rezence wireless charging capabilities:

OnePlus 8 Series and Newer

OnePlus started adding Qi Rezence wireless charging support to models starting with the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro 5G phones in 2020. Newer OnePlus phones also retain Rezence wireless charging.

  • While early OnePlus phones lacked Rezence wireless charging, it is now a standard feature for the brand.
  • Even affordable options like the OnePlus Nord contain the hardware needed for convenient Rezence wireless charging.

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Motorola Edge Models

Motorola also includes Rezence wireless charging across its recent Edge model smartphone range:

  • Whether you opt for the cheaper Edge 20 series or pricier Edge Plus, you still get fast 15W Rezence wireless charging.
  • This allows you to forgo wired charging and set your phone down on a wireless charger.

Additional Affordable Options

There are also some other competitively priced Android smartphones at like certain Nokia and TCL models that contain Qi Rezence wireless charging support.

  • So Rezence wireless charging is no longer limited only to expensive flagship phones.
  • There are budget options across various brands where you can still enjoy the convenience of Rezence wireless charging.

What to Look for in Rezence Wireless Charging Phones

If you are considering buying one of the smartphones mentioned above or any other phone model with Rezence wireless charging, here are some key factors to look for:

VN88 Support

You generally want the smartphone to support the standard VN88 Rezence wireless charging format used by the majority of charging pads and stations. Support for VN88 ensures compatibility with a wide range of accessories.

5W vs 10W+ Charging Speeds

Faster Rezence wireless charging speeds allow you to power up quicker, so 10W, 15W, or even proprietary faster Rezence wireless charging tends to be preferable over slower 5W charging. Quick charging reduces the time needed to wirelessly charge your phone battery.

Additional Features

As mentioned with Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare and Google’s Pixel Stand integrations, some brands offer special features or faster speeds while charging wirelessly. Consider any extra Rezence wireless charging perks that come with using a phone brand’s charger.


In closing, VN88 Rezence wireless charging has gone from an expensive premium feature to a widely supported capability across varying price points. Leading phone brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google support Rezence wireless charging standards on their latest devices, alongside many reasonably priced Android models. Just remember to look for Qi compatibility and the fastest charging speeds your budget allows when shopping for smartphones with Rezence wireless charging. This ensures you can enjoy the advantages of charging without wires.

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