Twitter has launched a campaign against bot spam accounts, which is an issue for the company. Spam accounts often send out a lot of random tweets and tend to be created to push out a lot of links. This campaign started on Friday, May 23rd. In the last day, the accounts have gone crazy, sending out 3,000+ tweets per minute. These accounts are designed to create a lot of traffic to a link so that the link will get shared when it goes viral. If you’re not careful, someone else’s content could take over your site. This is a major concern because many of these spam accounts are created to be automated, which means they will create content for your site without your permission.

 What is a fake spam account on Twitter?  

A fake spam account on Twitter is a fake Twitter account that uses many followers and retweets to trick people into believing the version is authentic. The problem with using spam accounts on Twitter to increase your following is that it is considered spam by the Twitter staff. If you use a spam account on Twitter, it will be deleted, and you will be banned from using Twitter. However, if you are using a spam account on Twitter for marketing purposes, there is no problem. So, it all depends on your goal.

How to Prevent  

To avoid scams and identity theft on Twitter, you need to be aware of two common signs that you’re being tricked into following a fake account: 1) you don’t recognize the account, and 2) it doesn’t appear to be following anybody else. These signs are very easy to spot. The best way to avoid becoming the victim of Twitter scams is to be careful who you follow. If someone asks you to follow them, pause for a moment and consider whether you recognize the handle, and if you recognize it, think about why you would follow them in the first place. Don’t follow them if you still need to feel more confident about it.

How did the scammer get access to the  

The scammers may have some strategy and will likely use bots and scripts to pull information on Twitter users and their networks. Once the scammer had the username and password to the target’s Twitter account, they could send any tweet as that user. The trick was getting the username and password to begin with. The scammer used social engineering (trying to get someone to give up their username and password) or brute force techniques to access the victim’s account.


In conclusion, Twitter allows you to block a user in just a few steps. You’ll need a new email address to ensure it doesn’t appear in your inbox. You may have missed the email if you have yet to receive it. If so, you should resend the email with the blocked user’s name. You can also report the offending user if you suspect they’re trying to spam you. When sending out a mass email blast, you must ensure you’ve blocked spam accounts. If you’re sending emails to many people, setting up a filter is always wise to ensure they’re sent to the right email addresses.


1. What’s the deal with this? 

Someone made a fake account and started tweeting. They got other people to follow them and retweet what they said.

2. Is it illegal? 

It’s not illegal to have a fake Twitter account.

3. How could someone do this? 

It can be done by hacking into a Twitter account.

4. How can I protect myself? 

You can save yourself by changing your password.

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